Refused US Visa- How to re-apply or Request Reconsideration of US Visa Application

United States, 2nd December: Let us see some viable Options when You Are Refused US Visa.

So, let us see the options in detail.

Refused US Visa? Consider re-applying or for reconsideration of Visa application
Refused US Visa? Consider re-applying or for reconsideration of Visa application

Options when You Are Refused a US Visa– Options when You Are Refused a US Visa are being discussed here in detail. Let us explore these now.

“We are discussing some great Options when You Are Refused a US Visa.”

It may be noted that the reasons and the US Visa classification shall determine the options available for you when you are refused a US Visa.

Reapplying US visa—In most of the non-immigrant US visa cases, these get refused under INA 214(b). A refusal means that you did not satisfy or fulfill the CO that you possess sufficient required ties to your home nation for justifying entitlement to visa classification.

In assessment of the ties, the CO shall consider one’s permanent employment or business. Meaning economic or financial connections, close family ties, cultural or social associations and any other factors inducing one’s return to one’s home nation.

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When can one reapply?—Well, you can reapply any time after one is refused a US visa. You need to satisfy the CO that your circumstances have undergone a change since your last application or have given information not provided in the earlier application. One must complete the new Form DS-160.

In addition, one needs to pay visa fee and appear for a personal interview. One can consider whether one has explained one’s situation correctly at the interview or whether the CO did overlook anything in your application.

You can also see whether you possess any additional information for providing to establish the ties.

Reconsideration of US Visa refusal—When refused a US Immigrant visa, you can, within a year from the date of refusal, adduce any further proof for overcoming the ground of ineligibility. This is applicable only to US immigrant visas.

Hence, it must not be used for filling any frivolous requests for US visa application submission requests. The request needs to be presented professionally. It needs to have relevant legal and document proof and arguments as well pointing out any mistake(legal/factual) by the CO.


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