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Major Changes to Canada Permanent Residency Applications Under Express Entry

Canada, 21st November: Major changes to Canada permanent residency applications under Express Entry have been announced.

Yes, that is quite right.

Major Changes to Canada Permanent Residency Applications Under Express EntryMajor Changes to Canada Permanent Residency Applications Under Express Entry-– Major Changes to Canada Permanent Residency Applications Under Express Entry have been announced recently. Yes. Canada government announced these changes in a latest move. Let us see these in detail here.

Major Changes to Canada Permanent Residency Applications Under Express Entry are announced. “

Details show that Canada immigration minister John McCallum revealed changes to point allocation system under Express Entry. This is through new legislative changes in the form of Ministerial recommendations. These changes are effective from 19th November, 2016.

Changes to re-allocate CRS point system—Well, the changes shall re-locate CRS(Comprehensive Ranking System) point system. This will lead to a big decrease in points offered LMIAs(Labor Market Impact Assessments). It will further encourage applications from existing work permit holders and executives like ICTs(Intra-Company Transferees) who are working in Canada for not less than one year.

Moreover, IRCC(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) is going to extend deadline for Canada PR(Permanent Residency) application after receipt of an ITA(Invitation to Apply) to 90 days from 60 days. It will encourage use of PNP(Provincial Nominee Program) by keeping points granted unchanged for a nomination certificate.

Additional factors—There is an introduction of ‘additional factors’. These are—

  • Provincial nomination
  • A qualifying offer of arranged employment
  • Canadian education credentials.

These factors shall serve for complementing each other towards getting 600 points(maximum points). Applicants shall seek to get an increased score through a combination of all the above mentioned three factors for fulfilling required ranking for getting an ITA.

Qualifying offer of Arranged employment

  • Point reallocation—this change shall affect the number of points allocated and eligibility criteria. The new process shall offer either 50 or 200 points. 200 points shall be granted for occupations in Major Group 00 of National Occupational Classification code. This is reserved for Senior managers and executives. For all other offers, 50 points shall be granted for NOC Professional Occupations at either Level A(Engineers, Lawyers and other professional occupations) or Level B(Technicians, Assistants or occupations needing a college degree).
  • Canadian education credentials—Additional points shall be offered to foreigners having a Canadian education credential. This will benefit international students having done a program of study at any Canadian educational institution(enrolled on full-time for not less than eight months). He or she must be physically in Canada for same duration. Points granted are 15 for those having completed 1or 2 year post-secondary program. Those graduating from post-secondary programs(of 3 years or more) or completing Master’s Doctorate shall get 30 points.

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