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Undocumented Students Fear the Worst After Trump’s Win

United States, 18th November: Undocumented Students Fear the Worst After Trump’s Win.

Yes, undocumented students in the US are fearing the worst after Donald Trump’s win in the US Presidential elections.

Undocumented Students Fear the Worst After Trump’s WinUndocumented Students Fear the Worst After Trump’s Win— Undocumented Students Fear the Worst After Trump’s Win. Life has been getting better for undocumented immigrant students in the US. But now, professors and students are quite uncertain about the future of undocumented students in the US.

“Undocumented Students Fear the Worst After Trump’s Win in the US presidential elections. “

Confused and dazed, several undocumented students are calling, texting and messaging for getting guidance in this time of uncertainty. They are seeking out ways to fight deportation threat by Donald Trump( the US President-elect).

Trump Plans to Deport Three Million Undocumented Immigrants Immediately

Undocumented students demand protection—Nearly 80 colleges in the US are witnessing protests as undocumented students are demanding protection. This comes following a crackdown on undocumented immigrants announced by Trump.

Students from nearly 80 universities across the US are staging walkouts and are involved in campus sit-ins. They want more colleges and universities to become sanctuaries for undocumented students. They also want to refuse any access to US ICE(Immigrants and Customs Enforcement) officials.

It may be worth notable that Trump has vowed to eliminate the DACA(Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) initiated by the former US President Barack Obama. The DACA enables undocumented immigrants having come to the US before age 16 to get a renewable US two-year work permit. In addition, the DACA also allows an exemption from deportation for undocumented immigrants.

Since 2012, nearly one million DACA cases got approval as of 30th June, 2016. It is believed that Trump may either dissolve existing US work permits or let them get expire on their own.

No wonder, the recent win of Trump appears just a like a slap in the face of all undocumented students in the US. So, for undocumented immigrants, including undocumented students, the impending presidency of Trump is going to haunt their short-term plans and their long-term dreams. They feel scared to go abroad for the fear of not being able to come back to the US.

It may be worth mentioned that the federal government has a rule of not sharing any information about DACA students with US ICE. However, with a new US administration, such a ruling could undergo a change. And undocumented students, whether a part of the DACA or not, fear that they might bear the brunt of governmental harassment or even deportation.

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