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Mexico Steps up help for Protecting Immigrants

Yes, that is true.

Mexico Steps up help for protecting immigrantsMexico steps up help for protecting immigrants—Mexico steps up help for protecting immigrants. Yes, that is true. Mexico has given instructions to its consulates and embassy in the US to protect immigrants.

“ Mexico has stepped up help for protecting immigrants. “

Mexico publishes measures to help Mexicans in the US—Mexico has published measures to help Mexicans in the US. Yes, a series of measures have been published for helping Mexicans in the US. These steps shall help Mexicans from becoming victims of misuse or fraud.

Titled “We are with you”, there are 11 immediate steps including a hotline and a warning to citizens to avoid any conflict situation. The move is being published a week following Trump’s win in the US Presidential elections.

Donald Trump, the new US President-elect, has vowed to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. Hence, it is a cause of serious concern for an increasingly high number of undocumented immigrant families. This includes many Mexicans living in the US.

The US has a big percentage of Mexicans who are undocumented immigrants. The foreign ministry has affirmed that it is going to increase the number of appointments at its different consulates. This will ensure that its citizens get their documents including birth certificates or passports in order easily.

The steps by Mexico government include

  • 24-hour telephone line for queries about immigration;
  • Providing more appointments for immigrants to get birth certificates/passports/consular identification cards.
  • Expanding availability of mobile consulate services to reach more immigrants.

Mexico has also assured of strengthening dialogue with the local and state authorities in the US for protecting Mexicans. It has clearly advised all Mexicans in the US to avoid any conflict situation and stay out of trouble with the law.

This news comes after El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala decided to join forces and get support from Mexico for forging a joint strategy in reply to Trump. This was affirmed by foreign minister of El Salvador.

These three nations have released a joint statement seeking help from the respective foreign ministries. They urged foreign ministries to formulate positions on investment, migration and jobs for dealing with new US administration.

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