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5 point Check list to Identify Best College for Study in Canada

 All Colleges in Canada, USA or UK which are the prime destination for study for International students spend heavily on Advertisements to attract students. With all this Advertisement blitzkrieg, identifying best college for Study in Canada could be an uphill task

Checklist for selecting best colleges in Canada
Checklist for selecting best colleges in Canada

You want the best academic value for your investment in time and money on your Graduate or Undergraduate studies. Worldwide students and their families invest a lot on education than on any other investments – securities or properties.

You may consider many international universities, schools in countries such as the US, Canada, or Australia. The host of options available in these countries often confuse you, rendering the decision making process a difficult one. When confused which college to join or which college should you send your kid to, many indicators will help you determine which college, university offers the best college experience! Some factors, which help make an informed decision, are:

  1. The overall education experience at the college
  2. The costs required to graduate from school
  3. The special value, recognition a graduate degree from a college offers to students
  4. The career options a college offers to students up on completing the education. What have been the status of campus recruitment in previous three years
  5. Many independent organizations conduct surveys on different colleges from around the world, and give them a ranking based on factors similar to the ones listed above. Each of such factors carry a certain weightage, which helps determine the overall score. Typically, such scoring, rankings would depend on statistics or data, interviews with employers, academicians, etc.

Academic Reputation a major Factor

When looking for an institute that imparts quality education anywhere in the world – USA, UK, Canada or Australia the reputation of the institute is an important consideration.

Typically, this factor gets a 30% weightage in the overall rankings. Academicians will identify the best universities, an institute that conducts quality research in their field and follows better teaching practices, etc. When raking an institute’s reputation talking to academics help assess research, teaching practices in their field of expertise at different universities across the globe, though regional institutes get equal weightage in rankings.

Student to Faculty Ratio

Another important factor in ranking, the best schools across the world is the student to faculty ratio, which typically carries 15% weightage in overall rankings. The benchmark would be an established ratio or the practices at the top ranking university. A low student to faculty ratio means individual attention and better supervision.

 Student experience and satisfaction

Factors such as student overall experience, student satisfaction carries close to 15% weightage in overall rankings. Factors such as student retention rate will help asses’ universities on this parameter. Graduation rate also plays an important role in ranking.

Student Debt

The cost of education at a particular school is another important determinant in selecting the right institute. As such, this factor gets about 20% weightage in overall rankings. Schools with reasonable fee structure will score high in the overall rankings.

Successful Career

Success in careers, placement opportunities, pay and positions offered for the alumni are important considerations when ranking a school. A university that commands respect from industry offers placement to the students will get a better rank. Career opportunities factor get a 20% weightage in the overall ranking of institutes.

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