Canada Immigration Changes Bad for Foreign Caregivers

Canada, 3rd November: Canada immigration changes are bad for foreign caregivers.

Yes, that is true.

Canada Immigration Changes Bad for Foreign CaregiversCanada immigration changes bad for foreign caregivers—Canada immigration changes bad for foreign caregivers. Yes. That is quite true. New Canada immigration changes will increase wait period for Canada residency status. So, it will hurt families.

“Canada immigration changes are bad for foreign caregivers. “

Big blow for live-in caregivers--The immigration plan of the Liberal government is a big blow to a large number of live-in caregivers. This is especially true live-in caregivers wanting to get Canada permanent residency.

Canada live-in Caregiver program enables foreign workers from nations Peru, Indonesia and Philippines to come and work in Canada as caregivers.

The live-in caregivers in Canada were facing a wait period of more than four years for Canada residency application processing. It may be worth notable that Harper government’s plan of immigration for the year 2015 had a target allowing 30,000 foreign live-in caregivers applications annually for Canada permanent residency.

The target was reduced to 22,000 annually by the Liberal government. Now, under the new rules by Liberal government, target for live-in caregivers has been reduced to 18,000 workers annually.

Workers have to renew their Canada work permits for keeping their Canada residency status. After applying for Canada permanent residency, foreign workers can apply for an open Canada work permit. This means they can take up job for which they have qualifications. This means they are not going to remain tied up for any single employer in Canada.

Caregivers in Canada remain separated from their families living overseas for years. This means increased risk of stress and increased problems in case of reunification of families. Children face compulsion to live in a new nation.

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The government of Canada is able to process just 5,500 applications annually. While Canada government quickly processes applications under the new immigration pathways, caregivers in Canada face waiting period of seven or eight years for getting Canada permanent residency.

Even an official spokesperson of IRCC(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) Nancy Caron agrees Canada application processing times are very long. However, she insisted that the changes will aim at reducing the immigration processing backlog.

The number of applications to be processed has come down to 31,000 from 57,000 in 2015.