Foreign workers Disappear From Canadian Farms

Canada, 25th October: Foreign workers disappear from Canadian farms.

Yes, that is quite true.

Foreign workers Disappear From Canadian FarmsForeign workers disappear from Canadian farms—Foreign workers disappear from Canadian farms. Yes, foreign workers are disappearing from Canada farms. Canadian farms recruit nearly 40,000 foreign workers each year. This is to help harvesting and plantation of crops.

“ Foreign workers are disappearing from Canadian farms. “

These foreign farm workers can come to Canada under Canada Temporary Foreign Worker Program(TFW). In addition, they can come to Canada under SAWP(Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program). It needs to be worth notable that they don’t have any access to Canada permanent residency or Canada citizenship.

Foreign workers face restrictions in Canada—Temporary Foreign Workers coming to Canada can stay and work for four years here. They need to move back to their nation. Moreover, they need to wait for another four years before being eligible to come back to work in Canada.

Each year, several temporary foreign workers remain in Canada unlawfully. They can continue to work in Canada. Quebec has reportedly alleged nearly 100 foreign workers having disappeared. Nearly 4,000 Guatemalan Temporary Foreign Workers come in Quebec every year. And nearly 6,000 come across Canada.

Four year working limits restrict foreign workers, say Canadian farming operations. So, they have no option but to retrain new temporary foreign workers. Its really difficult to re-track the foreign workers after their disappearance. And its equally difficult to find low-paid temporary foreign workers at restaurants, manufacturing and hotels.

Long-time foreign workers compelled to leave—Long-time foreign workers are compelled to leave Canada. That’s due to four-year cap. Processors and producers in Quebec agricultural sector feel hurt by four-year cap. It needs to be worth notable that Quebec is already facing shortage of labor.

Currently, the ruling effective is ‘four-in and four-out’ rule. So, due to this federal law, employers have to start all over again. Its also difficult to keep a track of the temporary foreign works who leave this program, the employers allege. There is no clue for employers to find the workers leaving the program.

There are nearly 6,000 Guatemalan workers in Canada and nearly 4,000 seasonal workers in Quebec.


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