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US EB-5 Visa is the fastest Route to US Green Card

United States, 20th October—US EB-5 Visa is the fastest route to US Green Card.

Yes, that is true.

US EB-5 Visa is the fastest Route to US Green CardUS EB-5 Visa is the fastest way to US Green Card—US EB-5 visa is the fastest way to US Green Card. Yes, that is true. The US EB-5 visa happens to be the fastest route to US Green Card. The US is the favored choice of immigrants wanting to immigrate overseas. An increased number of high-skilled or high-trained foreigners have got several employment opportunities. Such employment opportunities offer great career prospective and rich returns.

“US EB-5 Visa is the fastest Route to US Green Card. “

The US EB-5 visa has a current processing period of 12 to 16 months. It helps foreigners get a future in their new homeland.

US EB-5 visa program—US EB-5 visa program was created by the US Congress in 1990. The USCIS(US Citizenship and Immigration Services) in 1990 administered it. Main motive of this US visa program is to boost the US economy through the job creation and capital investment.

In the year 1992, the US Congress had introduced an Immigrant Investor Program. This was called Regional Center Program. It had set aside US EB-5 visas for those taking part in investment in commercial enterprises having affiliation with regional centers. This US visa scheme welcomes Indians wanting to invest not less than $500,000 and creating not less than 10 qualifying jobs in the US.

US EB-5 visa route to US Green Card—Well, let us see this in detail here now. Indian students with top undergraduate degrees in the US have two options in the US. One is applying for graduate programs and staying in the US with a US Student visa. Another option is finding employment in any firm in the US that will offer sponsorship for a US Green Card in the coming times. However, this means they shall have to work for the same employer.

Having a US EB-5 US Green Card offers numerous benefits. Children don’t require any US F1 student visa. They can get advantage of inexpensive state/federal education loans or low in-state tuition fee. Self-sponsored individuals don’t need any US H1 visa. They can work for any firm including startups. They can get great rewards and life experiences as well.


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