New Australia Visa and Points Test Changes for Skilled Immigration

Australia, 14th October: Let us see the new Australia visa and points test changes for skilled immigration.

So, here we go.

New Australia Visa and Points Test Changes for Skilled ImmigrationNew Australia Visa and Points Test Changes for Skilled Immigration—Let us see here the detailed new Australia visa and Points Test changes for skilled immigration. Yes, we are discussing these in detail now.

“New Australia Visa and Points Test Changes for Skilled Immigration are being discussed in detail now. “

A new Australia visa that offers a route to Australia permanent residency is being introduced. This Australia visa is for attracting and retaining the brightest and the best entrepreneurial talent. This Australia visa invites applications. This was revealed by Australia immigration minister Peter Dutton.

He stated that the government is driving economic development through innovation. This includes introduction of Australia Business Innovation and Investment Visa.

New Australia Entrepreneur Visa offers a pathway to Australia permanent residency. It will enable foreign entrepreneurs with $200,000 in funding(from any specified third party) for development of innovative ideas.

Changes to Australia points test for skilled immigration—Several key changes have been announced to Australia points test for skilled immigration. Yes. These have been announced in a latest move by Australia.

Let us see the details here. The changes became effective from 10th September, 2016. As per the new change, Australia will be offering additional points to students enrolled in Australia institutes.

Yes, these additional points shall be for students having doctorate level and masters by research qualifications in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and information and communication technology fields.

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This latest change happens to be a part of the new Australia visa changes introduced under National Innovation and Science Agenda. These are aimed for attracting brightest global skilled foreigners to Australia.

New Australia Entrepreneur visas available now—New Australia Entrepreneur visas are available now. Applications for new Australia Entrepreneur visas are being accepted now.

For getting eligible, one needs to—

  • Be below 55 years of age;
  • Possess a competent English level;
  • Possess an agreement for not less than $200,000 for growing one’s entrepreneurial venture in Australia;
  • Have not less than 30 percent interest in that entrepreneurial venture;
  • Get nominated by any territory or state government.