Crackdown on New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand, 14th October: Crackdown on New Zealand immigration has been announced by New Zealand government.

This is a latest step by New Zealand government.

Crackdown on New Zealand ImmigrationCrackdown on New Zealand Immigration –Yes, Crackdown on New Zealand immigration has been announced. This was announced by New Zealand Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse. Let us see the details here now.

“Crackdown on New Zealand Immigration has been announced in a latest move. “

Tougher New Zealand Residency for would-be migrants—New Zealand residency will become tougher for would-be migrants. Yes, soon, this will be effective. So, there will be lesser New Zealand residency approvals for next two year. These will go down to 85,000-95,000 from 90,000-100,000.

Points requirement for New Zealand residency has been raised to 160 points from 140 points under New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category. Number of places for capped family categories will get down to 2,000 each year. These have gone down from 5,500.

These changes have been made after a review of NZRP(New Zealand Residence Program). It needs to be worth notable that nearly 69,000 foreigners got settled in New Zealand in the current year till July.

New Zealand Residence Program—This New Zealand Residence Program has a planning range for total foreigners approved residence. It also determines percentage of New Zealand residence places allocated to different residence streams.

Giving details about this, New Zealand immigration minister Woodhouse said that increased points for getting New Zealand Residence to 160(from 140) will lead to moderation in the growth of new applications. Moreover, it will lower the number of migrants getting New Zealand residency, he added.

Changes to New Zealand Family Category(including temporarily closed Parent Category for new applications) will result in reduction of total migrants getting New Zealand residency.

Increasing the points will help in prioritizing the access for high-skilled SMC migrants. It will ensure the balance between attracting high-skilled workers and managing demand during strong growth, Mr. Woodhouse clarified.

Highlights of the changes—

  • Increased points for New Zealand Residency to 160 points(from 140 points) under Skilled Migrant Category;
  • Reduction of the places for capped family categories to 2,000 annually;
  • Change of range for residency approvals to 85,000-95,000.


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