How to Go to Canada and Get Canada Citizenship

Canada, 5th October: Do you want to know how to go to Canada and get Canada citizenship ?

Yes? Then, let us find it out here now.

How to go to Canada and get Canada CitizenshipHow to go to Canada and get Canada citizenship—How to go to Canada and get Canada citizenship? Well, we will discuss this information in details here now. So, here we go.

“ Let us find out how to go to Canada and get Canada citizenship.”

How to move to Canada and get Canada citizenship?—Let us find out how to move to Canada and become Canada citizen.

  • You need to be at least 18 years—Yes, you need to be a legal adult. Minors must have their parents or their legal guardian to fill the application form for them. They must be Canada permanent residents. Parents must be either a Canada citizen or should have applied or be ready to apply for becoming a Canada citizen.
  • Or enter the skilled immigrants pool—There is a fast-tack Canada immigration system called Express Entry. This is for skilled workers’ transition into Canada. Applicants in Express Entry get specific scores on their specific job prospects and talents. They get ranked with other applicants. Invitations are given to those at top of the rankings for getting Canada permanent residency.
  • To get Canada permanent residency, one needs to be choose between different avenues. One can apply through their favored province, through a special entrepreneur route and get help from any family member living in Canada. He or she could go through Quebec since it has special immigration conditions.
  • Canada permanent residents are allowed to healthcare coverage. They can work, study and travel anywhere in Canada. However, they cannot vote, have some jobs in high security clearance or run for office.
  • Show your intention to reside in Canada—after getting invitation to become Canada permanent resident, one must affirm one’s plan to be Canada permanent resident. For this, you must be living in Canada for not less than two years(in five year time).
  • Spend six years at that residence—One must be physically present for at least 1,460 days before date of application. You need to be present for 183 days during each of four calendar years before date of application.
  • Income tax filing—One must provide four years of tax returns in six-year period up to application date.
  • Speak English/French—One must speak English/French.
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