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Canada Provinces Can Protect Temporary Foreign Workers

Canada, 5th October: Canada provinces can protect temporary foreign workers.

Yes, that is quite true.

Canada Provinces Can Protect Temporary Foreign WorkersCanada provinces can protect temporary foreign workers—Canada provinces can protect temporary foreign workers. Yes, that is quite right. Canadian provinces know quite well that several or almost all temporary foreign workers help in filling the gap in jobs not filled by Canadians. So, they can do much more to make sure they protect the temporary foreign workers’ rights.

“ Canada provinces can protect temporary foreign workers. “

Canada temporary foreign workers face misuse—There is no denial in the fact that temporary foreign workers(TFWs) in Canada face misuse. There are several stories of inordinate fees being charged by recruiters overseas for finding jobs in Canada for TFWs.

Yes, that is not all. There are further reports that several employers ask for reimbursement for travelling to Canada. They also overcharge for accommodation. There are several reports that several employers require foreigners(temporary foreign workers) to do overtime without getting any pay for it. And employers, many times, pay less than the median wage rate applicable.

Employers might not be offering adequate workplace safety and safety training for temporary foreign workers in Canada. The vulnerability of such temporary foreign workers is that they are not aware of their misuse by their employers.

Changes coming for protection of temporary foreign workers—Yes, changes are coming to offer increased protection to temporary foreign workers. This is through ongoing negotiations between territories and provinces with the federal government.

These negotiations shall offer provincial labor ministries with required information pertaining to the authorities or employers hiring temporary foreign workers. They will also provide details about where the temporary foreign workers are working. This will make sure that timely inspections are carried for upholding rights of the workers.

Special provisions by Manitoba for TFWs—There are special provisions by Manitoba for TFWs. These provisions require TFW recruiters and employers to get registered with the province. Further, there are restrictions with regard to charging any direct/indirect fee to TFWs. Employers need to post bond for covering any expenditure incurred by workers unlawfully. This is irrespective of where the expenses are incurred.


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