Process to Immigrate to Australia


Australia has been attracting immigrants from all over the world, with its strong economy, democratic values, low-unemployment rate, shortage of skills, excellent education system, high standards of living, vibrant communities, and more.

In the year 2015 & 2016 alone about, 190,000 migration opportunities (Employer Sponsored – 48,250; Skill Independent – 43,990; State/Territory & Regional Nominated- 28,850; Business Innovation & Investment Programme -7,260; Distinguished Talent- 200 and the rest, in family support scheme) are available to enter Australia and become an Australian President Resident and citizen.

The information above summarizes that there are many ways to immigrate to Australia. You can move to Australia on a Skilled Migration Visa, Business Visa, employer sponsored visa, investor retirement visa, family and spouse visa.

Let multiple options to immigrate may not confuse you as to what category of visa is the best for you. You can check your eligibility by completing an online assessment form. According to your eligibility, you can apply and process your application for immigration to Australia.

Keep your Documents Ready: Your documents are important proofs of your education, skills, and experience. Having clear and correct documentation is very important for the success of your application for immigration to Australia. Some of the important documents required by the immigration office include your education and experience certificates, salary slips, tax returns, bank and financial statements, proof of identity, passport, etc.

File for Skills Assessment:  The second step is to have your skills assessment done with the right assessing organization for your skills set. One such assessment organization is “VETASSESS,” for skills tradespeople. The time required to complete the assessment will depend on your application and on the assessing organization.

Submit Your Visa Application:  Upon receiving a positive skills assessment, you will have to submit a visa application with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIPB – If you are applying as a skilled migrant, for state of family sponsorship, you may have to file application with the respective departments). Make sure you have all the documents as required by the respective departments. Any deficiency or inaccuracies in documents may delay the entire process.

Upon submitting the documents, you will have to wait for the departments to process your application. In the meantime, you can search for jobs, business opportunities for making your move a smooth one.

Police and Medical Checkup: The last step and a positive one. Once the Immigration department is satisfied with your application, they will ask for police and medical clearance certificates for immigrant.

Visa Approval: The final step is receipt of your visa form the Immigration department. The department will request that you submit passports, so the department can attach visa on to the passport.


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