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Immigration Diversity Program details

Immigration in to the US is not easy, and getting immigration visa is very tough. To improve the low immigration rates of those countries the Immigration Diversity Program is conducted by the Department of State. Every financial year, this program allows 50,000 immigrants to enter US from the selected countries.

Eligibility Norms

The application to DV program has to be submitted in the stipulated time schedule. The DOS Visa Bulletin is issued every month with the updated status. The two important requirements to apply for this program are that the applicant should be from the countries eligible for DV in the respective year. The applicant should be educationally qualified or job qualified according to the norms.

Selection Method

The winning applications are selected from the qualifiers by drawing lots. The necessary conditions are checked in the immigration interview. After applying for DV, some of the applicants reside in US as visitors. If such applicants are selected by the DV program they just need a status adjustment. This is done by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services with a processing fee.

US Diversity Visa
US Diversity Visa

Application Guidelines

The first step to apply for DV is to submit Form I-485. Form I-485 is to register permanent residence or to adjust status.

Other documents to be submitted are-

  • Form G-325 with a detailed personal information with the age limit between 14 and 79
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • Photocopies of   –

(1) birth record

(2)passport page showing visitor visa with entry or parole stamp for a US resident

(3) the applicant’s selection letter from DOS stating selection

(4) Receipt of payment made for DV processing

  • Form I-693,   Medical and Vaccination Reports from an authorized hospital
  • Form I-94, The report showing track of Arrival & Departure
  • Photocopies of Certified court reports if applicable
  • Form I-601, Application to waive away the holdings of unacceptable documents (if applicable)
  • Applicable fees

The DV program will notify selection. The selected applicants have to clear the immigration interview A permanent visa allows to stay in the US for studies or work. The government will not support the selected applicant for studies/job opportunities.


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