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The process of immigration and financial status in Canada

Becoming a citizen of Canada or becoming permanent resident won’t happen automatically if you marry a citizen of Canada. You need to do some application process to get the Canadian citizenship. A Common misconception among people is that if anyone can marry Canadians, they automatically will get Canadian citizenship or residence status.  Even if a person legally married a Canadian citizen, getting permanent residency on their own won’t be a simple thing because of some cases of migration where the marriage is a fraud; so that government is pushed to put some strict rules on every spousal sponsorship cases. If a person is not a permanent resident or not living in Canada, their spouse has to sponsor for that person to be a permanent resident.

Canada immigration
Immigrating Canada

Canadian government has certain regulations:

The Canadian  government announced certain modification in the  regulation regarding conjugal partner sponsorship, spousal and common-law. These amendments can  apply to temporary and permanent immigration programs. Two explicit exceptions in this amendment are  as follows:

  • Common- law partner and spouses who are under 18 are dependent on their parents are considered as dependent children
  • Common law partner and spouses at the age of 18 or below 18 are in refugee camps are considered on compassionate grounds & humanitarian and also They are considered as dependents.

It will be illegal that if a person living  in Canada without getting a permanent resident visa. A Person can go to Canada without a formal visa, but they can stay only for six months. Even though you marry a Canadian you must need citizenship in Canada.

Divorce process in Canada:

Divorce means if a couple decided to live separate owing to their relationship had already broke. The Couple can be married and some other couples live together without marrying, but the things are court provide divorce for the people who have registered  their marriage. Under Canad’s Constitution, provincial, territorial and the federal governments share some responsibilities regarding family law. While divorce, the federal laws include the following conditions, it must be obeyed by both groom and bride.

  • Child support if parents divorce
  • Spousal support needed for the divorce
  • Parenting arrangements and custody for children behind a divorce.

Financial report in Canada:

The NRC Industrial Research Program gives financial support for small and medium sized business in Canada. IRAP provides fund based on some eligibility criteria are:

  • For 500 employees or any full- time employee in the company
  • Generate profits via commercialization of innovative, improved products, process and services and some other development in Canada.
  • Prior entering into any financial commitment to a client, project and firm are estimated on an individual by consulting with ITA (Industrial Technology Advisors) located across Canada.


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