What would happen if the person you sponsor for visiting Canada does not return?

Illgal immigrants in Canada
Many Visitors to Canada on Travel Visa go underground and do not return to their country

A permanent resident of Canada or Canadian citizen can sponsor for visiting Canada to their family members to get permanent resident status in Canada.

For this, the sponsor has to sign an agreement, and the sponsorship agreement is for 3 years from when the spouse becomes the permanent resident, and 10 years in the case of the parents of the sponsor. One has to keep in mind that separation, divorce or any broken down relationship does not cancel the agreement. If you sponsor for visiting Canada, you need to be eligible, and should not have declared bankruptcy or imprisonment.

What should you do?

If you are a sponsor for visiting Canada, and if there is a runaway problem with your spouse you need to tackle with it. Immediately contact the Canada Border Services Agency, and you should also be aware that if your sponsorship agreement is still on, you are responsible for paying back all the money from the welfare department from the time of landing till the end of the sponsorship agreement.

It has to be also noted down that the Canadian Parliament and Law say that family reunification is allowed by the government, provided the financial responsibility is taken care by the sponsor and not by the public. The government of Canada takes meticulously when it comes to considering the request of the sponsor, and the financial status of the sponsor to pay, for the sponsored relatives.

Ontario’s Policy for Immigration

Ontario’s policy for immigration looks for balancing the improvement of immigration interests, and also wants to protect the rights of the sponsorship program. The Court remarked that it is not improper that Ontario has come up with this current policy, and it never overruled its discretionary power. As per the new policy, it is in the hands of the government to be deferential to debts but cannot forgive the same.

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The Ontario government, therefore, should let know the sponsor about the claim before taking the claim to the Federal Court. By this, it also becomes apparent that the sponsor gets an opportunity to declare the financial status. Also, it should consider meticulously about the undertakings, and consider various facts before granting or rejecting sponsorship, and let know the sponsor about the same.

If you sponsor for visiting Canada, then it’s obvious you need to write about your personal and financial circumstances and understand that it is your complete responsibility to take care of their financing needs and payments.