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Study in New Zealand Not a pathway to Citizenship

New Zealand, 20th September: Study in New Zealand is not a pathway to citizenship, warns New Zealand immigration minister Michael Woodhouse.

Yes, that is quite true.

Study in New Zealand Not a pathway to CitizenshipStudy in New Zealand Not a pathway to Citizenship—Study in New Zealand not a pathway to citizenship, warns New Zealand immigration minister. That is absolutely right. Many times, foreign students coming to New Zealand think it as a route to citizenship. But that is not right, clarified New Zealand immigration minister recently.

“ Study in New Zealand should not be considered as a route to citizenship.”

Usually, there are some expectations from foreign students. They think they shall stay and get New Zealand residency. They must keep in mind that they shall not be able to become New Zealand permanent residency or New Zealand citizenship.

Nonetheless, they shall get good education in New Zealand, affirmed immigration minister. After completion of their study in New Zealand, foreign students shall need to go back to their respective home nations, he maintained.

Education agents misguiding international students—It is a cause of serious concern that several education agents, especially in India, seem to be misguiding students. This is by giving them false hopes of getting New Zealand residency after studying there. Foreign students need to be aware of this fact.

So, the immigration minister has given serious instructions to foreign students not to get swayed by such false hopes or fake dreams.

New Zealand Clamp down on unscrupulous education agents—New Zealand is acting tough on unscrupulous education agents misguiding innocent foreign students. The minister admits that it is a tough job though. It is really tough to get behind them, the immigration minister clarified. It’s a challenge before many nations including New Zealand, he admitted.

There are nearly 1200 unlicensed education agents in India. They are advertising New Zealand student work visas as a route to New Zealand residency. And they are misguiding innocent Indians wanting to study in New Zealand.

The minister asked to come and speak to New Zealand immigration department INZ(Immigration New Zealand). He assured that the issue will be considered seriously by the immigration department.


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