Family Class Sponsorship to Canada – Who can be Sponsored?

Family Class sponsorship is for the immigrants who are the relatives of the permanent residents of the Canada or the Canadian citizen who can be sponsored to remain in the Canada with their families.

Family Class Sponsorship to Canada
Family Class Sponsorship to Canada

Canadian immigrants have the greatest advantage of getting united with their families as compared with most of the other western countries. For sponsoring someone, the sponsor has to be eligible to sponsor and be able to comply with all requirements. This means, the sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada, and should be 18 years of age.

A sponsor is eligible only if he or she is not under detention or is in prison. Also, he or she should not have been convicted underpayment obligation as per the Court of Canada. Sponsor should not be disabled and not receiving social assistance. The sponsor should not have declared bankruptcy at any stage either currently or anytime in past. There should not be any criminal conviction of accusing the sponsor of offending the family members sexually, or for causing any bodily harm.

Who can be sponsored for?

There are also rules for sponsoring the person under Family Class sponsorship by the eligible sponsor.

  • An eligible sponsor can sponsor an individual, who is the spouse of the sponsor.
  • A common-law partner or the conjugal partner too can be sponsored under this condition.
  • The child, who is a dependent of the sponsor, parents of the sponsor, and grandparents too can be sponsored.
  • If the sponsor has other dependents, say, siblings, niece, nephew, or grandchild under the age of 18, and if their parents are not alive, then they too can be sponsored under Family Class sponsorship.
  • The dependents above under 18 years old, even if have living parents, but if they are not married or in a common-law relationship, can be sponsored by the eligible sponsor.
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Obligation Associated with Family Class Immigrants

For the sponsored individual, there are series of medical tests to be taken when applying for the Family Class sponsorship for any person. Also, it is the responsibility of the sponsor to take care of the financial support. The sponsored person should not seek social assistance or financial assistance of the government.

If the sponsored is a spouse or conjugal partner, the agreement ends 3 years after he or she becomes the permanent resident citizen of Canada, and in case the sponsored being a child, the contract ends after 10 years, or when the child reaches the age of 25, whatever happens first. For the parents or grandparents, the responsibility ends 20 years after the sponsored becomes the permanent resident of Canada. The fees for application vary for each individual, ranging from $75 to $550 CAD.