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By November 2016, Canada could make Immigration easier for certain categories

Immigration Minister Mr. John McCallum has indicated that keeping in mind the requirements of certain industries that are in shortage of manpower, the aging population, Canada may increase the targets of immigrants to be allowed in the country.

Canada expected to increase immigration quota from November 2016 onwards.
Canada expected to increase immigration quota from November 2016 onwards.

High Demand form Industries- John McCallum apprised that he has been receiving input from various industries who had been requesting him to allow more immigrants into the country to bridge the skill shortage gap or for demographic reasons i.e. remote areas where native Canadians are not ready to more.


He indicated that we might consider meeting the demand favorably by November 2016 by when amendments to present immigration policy would be announced

Canada may set record target for immigrants

This year 2016, till date 160,000 migrants have been admitted under economic category about 80000 have been invited under family class. Overall this year, 300,000 migrants are planned to be admitted. To ensure that maximum numbers of immigrants as planned are admitted, the ITA criteria too in the recent draw has been liberalized and applications with much lower Comprehensive Ranking Score(CRS) were admitted.

In addition to Express Entry, large number of immigrants under Quebec Skilled worker Program and Provincial Nomination Program are also being admitted. While, he did not indicate the planned increase in the numbers, it is expected that the number may be well close to 400,000 keeping in view the huge shortage of farm workers in Canada

This makes perfect time for potential immigrants to plan their immigration to Canada

Historically we have been seeing that the early applicants for Immigration get their applicants processed faster. If you are one of the potential immigrants, it is right time for you to gear up and collect all your papers regarding skills, education, networth, passport etc to ensure that as the new program is announced, you are able to submitted application within few days

Some of the sectors that are in demand and the applicants from that sector may get immigration even faster are-

ICT graduates– This sector is facing acute shortage of qualified engineers

    1. Construction- There is large requirement of qualified engineers, Planners, architects and other related professionals in the sector in view of large number of infrastructure development projects coming in
    2. Health care is another sector which is facing huge shortage of manpower in Canada. There is large requirement of Doctors, Nurses and day Care professionals for elderly in Canada
  • Accounting and Finance ProfessionalsThere is large requirement of Accounting and Finance Professionals required to support the upcoming industrial projects in Canada

How to get key assistance for Canada Immigration Process?

To get any clarification or help in filing your application, you may contact our experts or leave a comment in the article below. Please do ensure to hire best immigration consultant only to help fulfill your immigration dream

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