Express entry system- Why it Sucks- Some Suggestions for its Overhaul


What is ailing Express entry system..? Why the need to overhaul it..? What is expected shape of new system to come..? primary reasons and methods for better

Express Entry System

Express entry system is an immigration system; it is designed with a view to selecting skilled workers for immigrating to Canada. This is an entirely electronic process that involves Canadian employers, provincial governments and federal government. The recent condition of express entry scheme is ailing vehemently due to the gradual breakdown of Canadian economy. This breakdown in Canadian economy resulted in due to inappropriate system which is also inadequate to conduct the express entry system. There is a fierce competition across the globe to acquire scarce talent in meeting the needs of domestic businesses. So it becomes critical for Canadian employers to facilitate efficient immigration program.

Primary reasons for failure

Expressed entry was introduced in 2015. It was supposed to be the most efficient way of selecting immigrants who would be economically valuable to the country. In all these 18 months the system has failed miserably rather than demonstrating its flair with flying colors. There are some reasons behind it:

  1. Primarily, of course, the fierce competition worldwide to acquire best quality immigrants makes it difficult for express entry system to work out properly.
  2. The immigrants selected through express entry are not adequate against the need for talent.
  3. The CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System), the system awarding points to potential immigrants is flawed methodologically.
  4. International students are facing considerable challenge if they wish to settle in Canada.

Methods to Work Out the System Better

The current structure of the immigration system is a reason why express entry system is not working out. The restrictive nature of the system bars immigrants from staying in Canada permanently. So, international students who are bright are forced to go back to their own countries. As a result Canadian employers lose out on valuable and potential pool of talent. This system can be dealt with even more pragmatically. On top of that the CRS should be designed and amended with care, especially from the methodological point of view, to make the talent acquiring process flawless.

Express entry system should encourage international students to work and get absorbed in Canadian system

Moreover, while the Government should focus on the growth of domestic talents, it should not create hindrances in the acquisition of brightest talents across the globe. This will not only help the economy of the country, but also it will help significantly in the growth of business opportunities in Canada. So drastic overhaul is needed to be done to the express entry system without much time being wasted to derive best result out of it.


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