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Britain needs no Australian-model immigration system

Post-Brexit trade deals and the effective changes are being constantly monitored by the entire world, not just EU or UK alone. It is all over about the Brexit campaign now. Some of the ghosts still refuse to die though.

Australian-style immigration system is one of the main ghosts that are more exasperating poltergeists that are haunting the Westminster lately, as well.

If you see closely, it has just returned to rattle the microphones and started to mischievously rearrange journals and magazines, pages after Theresa May prompted that the introduction of the Australian-style immigration system so as to bring down the immigration rates, is one of the vital promises, made by the brexiteers. Yet, that is not a fabulous idea though.

Point blank answer

Rather, she could have put it in a different way, far straighter.

The whole idea, could be a stupid gimmick, as it was designed to sound complicated, while really proven to be nothing at all.

So in the attempt to consign the spectre, and to procrastinate things, let me lay out in brief, on why we need to just move on.

Immigration rate in the Australian dominion is far high that is incomparable to the standards of Britain. For example, when Britain grants permission for one immigrant, Australia does multiples. Sparsely populated continent Australia is no equivalent comparison to Britain. Land mass is bigger. Settlers are attracted to move in their locality; whereas the case is totally contrasting here, in Britain. It is tough to imagine any system that can be aligned to Britain as Australian-style immigration system.

Australian Points based system not suitable for UK
Australian Points based system not suitable for UK

Points-based system

Would be workers of the country, are moved in to the country before even they could land in any suitable jobs, as per the Australian-style immigration system, which is based upon the points secured by the expatriates or the recently included permanent residents. Work visas are essential for anyone to move in with the job offers to Australia. Job seeking immigration can be cut down, if and only if you are not following the pattern of point based system that is elucidated in the Australian-style immigration system.

The next important point to note down here without fail is that the government has already taken its own decision on how to go about the points based system in the immigration policies. This is already there since 2008. Labor government was considering it to be tough, but still; it is made practicable now with the advent of the modern day technological advancements. Kudos to the newly formed government!


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