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Effective Sept 30, 2016- Electronic Travel Authorization would be required for Entering Canada

Change of Canada entry rules may concern many foreign travellers.

If you are planning to travel to Canada, September 30, 2016, onwards then there is going to be change in the plan. Canadian Government is going to tighten the entry and exit rules for the travellers. The government had to implement these changes so as to raise the border security of the nation.

Furthermore, the Canadian Government has made an important change in the Canada entry rules. These rules may cover- travellers, permanent citizen (Canadians) or dual citizen. Recently the Government implemented the Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) for visa exempt visitors to strengthen the border security.

ETA for travelling to Canada
Electronic Travel Authorization is now must for travelling to Canada effective 30Sep 2016

What is an eTA?

It is a basic entry requirement for the travellers who are from visa-exempt countries. One has to apply for eTA whether he is flying to or has to transit Canada during travel.

How can I apply for an eTA without facing any problem?

If you are an eligible traveller travelling to Canada- you can apply on the official website before travel. The change in Canada entry rules also includes the British citizen to apply for eTA. Most of the times candidates get their eTA (via email) passed within few days but for some, it may take some time.

What is the application process?

Keep your passport and credit card details handy. Read the help document. Note: You cannot download the form hence it is necessary to keep details handy. After the completion of form, pay C$ 7 for eTA. Most of the applications get confirmation report within minutes or maximum Or you may get a confirmation with next 72hours.

What is the exact cost of eTA per person?

The passenger will have to pay C$ 7 (per passenger) for the eTA. The validity of eTA is for next five years or till the time passengers visa expires.

Know here what exact changes might take place in the Canada entry rules:

  1. The eTA will be implemented Sept 30 onwards- on the visa exempt travellers travelling by air. The eTA includes an exception for the USA citizen and a traveller with a valid visa.
  2. A person with dual citizenship (Canadian American) can fly to Canada with their US passports.
  3. The permanent Canadian residents will have to obtain a Permanent Resident Card or travel document as well as their passport while travelling to Canada.

The scheme is going to effective September 30th, 2016 and till that time one can travel to Canada  without eTA application.


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