UK PM May Rejects Points-based System for EU Nationals

UK PM May Rejects Points-based System for EU Nationals

United Kingdom, 7th September: UK PM May rejects points-based system for EU nationals.

Yes, that is quite true.

UK PM May Rejects Points-based System for EU NationalsUK PM May Rejects Points-based System for EU nationals—Yes, UK PM May rejects Points-based system for EU nationals. This is the latest step announced by the UK for controlling EU migration. The UK PM has reportedly denied that she went soft on UK immigration. She stated that people needed an element of control. That’s why they backed Brexit.

“UK PM May has rejected Points-based system for EU nationals”.

She clarified that a points-based model will not allow the government control immigrant arrivals. It may be worth mentioned that May is currently attending the G20 summit of world leaders being held in Hangzhou. This happens to be her first international summit as a PM.

Some controls over UK immigration—UK PM May has clarified that there shall be some controls over immigration. However, she did not give details as to how shall they work. This happens to be a crucial issue for employers and for negotiations with the EU(regarding future UK access to European market).

While speaking to the reporters, she said that Britons voted for to bring some control into movement of people from the EU(European Union) to the UK. she said that she needs a system where the government can decide who comes into the UK. That’s exactly what British people want too, she maintained.

Points-based system open to misuse—May—May has stated that the Points-based system was open to misuse. The government cannot get full control over who comes to the nation, she said. It may be worth mentioned that Australia judges immigrants as per their qualifications, occupation and other factors.

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She cited the example of the misuse of UK student visa rules through a points-based system. She said that Heathrow officials conveyed her and David Cameron that immigrants misused UK student visa norms through points-based system. However, they were still allowed entry simply because they fulfilled the criteria, she clarified. That’s exactly the problem with any points-based system.

A system where government decides who comes in–She said that she wants a system where the government can take a decision as to who comes in. She further said that it was exactly what the Britons wanted too.