Studying Abroad Improves job prospects, confidence

United Kingdom, 19th August: Studying abroad improves job prospects and confidence, say UK students.

Yes, that’s true.

Studying Abroad Improves job prospects, confidenceStudying abroad improves job prospects, confidence—UK students say studying abroad improves job prospects and confidence. Yes, that’s what UK students seem to be saying. Studying abroad equips students with some of the best life skills and practice. Such life skills are unable to be forgotten, say the UK students.

As per a recent report by the British Council, the UK students coming back home from studying abroad have shared their experiences. These include their view of how their lives were changed for the better, thanks to studying abroad.

Studying abroad improves job prospects and confidence, say the UK students. “

Details of the report—Well, as per the details, the report compiled answers from 260 university students. It looked at the study abroad experiences of such university students. The focus was on the perceptions of students studying abroad regarding job prospects, global awareness and institutional engagement.

  • The report further found that returned students (after studying abroad) are a useful resource to tap into for promotion of overseas study. Majority of students studying abroad can successfully attest to several advantages of the experience(including increased confidence levels and better communication skills).
  • The students said that such benefits had a significant positive effect on their academic and social lives. Studying abroad experience gives the students a competitive edge. It also makes them more attractive to potential employers over those not studying abroad.
  • Students studying overseas show increased empathy towards foreign students. They can help in enhancing the experience for foreign students in the UK.
  • Domestic students should welcome and include foreign students. This was the view of nearly 91 percent of report respondents.
  • UK home students, after studying overseas, are eager to share their views with their peers.
  • The life-changing effects of the study abroad experience are shared and maximized.
  • There seems to be a positive relationship between study overseas during higher education and the desire to move abroad again(for professional/academic reasons). Nearly one-third of report respondents expressed their willingness to apply for a job overseas. Nearly 54 percent said they were more willing to such an opportunity.


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