Know Entry Requirements for Traveling to Canada

Canada, 3rd September: You must know entry requirements for travelling to Canada.

Yes, that’s essential for all Canada immigration aspirants.

Know Entry Requirements for Travelling to CanadaKnow entry requirements for travelling to Canada—You must know entry requirements for travelling to Canada. Only then can you follow Canada immigration rules. Otherwise, you may not get entry into Canada. So, for all those planning to visit Canada, its must to know, in advance, all Canada entry requirements.

“Know entry requirements for travelling to Canada if you want to secure your Canada entry. “

New Canada entry requirements effective—You must know that new Canada entry requirements are already effective now. Yes, that is quite true. Let us see the new Canada entry requirements here.

As per the details, all visa-exempt foreigners must have an eTA(Electronic Travel Authorization) for flying to or transit through Canada. However, the only exceptions are US citizens and travellers having a valid Canada visa. Canada citizenship holders, including dual citizens and Canada permanent residents are not allowed to apply for an eTA.

All aspirants of Canada visit must apply for an eTA before booking their flight to Canada. You will get approved within a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, some applications may take a couple of days for getting processed. So, its advisable not to keep waiting until the last minute.

Non-Canadians coming to Canada—Are you a non-Canadian entering Canada? Yes? Well, you need to possess a passport along with a valid visa. Yes, that’s essential. But, you will not require any passport if you are a US citizen. Nonetheless, you must possess a proof of your US citizenship. This could be a certificate of citizenship/naturalization or a birth certificate apart from photo identification.

You must have your US or Canada permanent residency card with you if you are a US permanent resident or a Canada permanent resident.

You need to be aware of the fact that citizens of some nations need a visa to enter Canada, while citizens of other nations don’t need any visa. Hence, you must check whether you need a visa to enter Canada or not. This should be done before you leave your home nation.




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