CBP Expands Global Entry to UK Citizens

United States, 23rd August: CBP expands global entry to UK citizens.

Yes, that’s true.

CBP Expands Global Entry to UK CitizensCBP expands global entry to UK citizens—Here is great news. CBP expands global entry to UK citizens. Yes, that is right. The US CBP(Customs and Border Protection) expands Global Entry to UK citizens. The only requirement is that UK citizens must have a valid UK passport. This means eligible UK citizens will now be allowed to apply for a entry permit since 12th July, 2016.

“CBP expands Global Entry to all UK citizens.”

What is Global Entry?—Well, it’s a global trusted traveler program that is voluntary. It allows pre-approved and pre-screened people to travel between participating nations. It was limited to US citizens, US permanent residents and nationals from some designated nations initially. However, in a latest step, the CBP has moved forward and allowed British citizens to apply for an entry permit.

It may be worth mentioned that in the year 2013, the UK was added under a pilot scheme open to a certain group of selected individuals. So, all interested UK citizens are now eligible to apply online through CBP, thanks to the expansion becoming effective from July 2016.

Qualified applicants can continue the process in person at any of the official Global Entry Enrollment Centers.

US citizens can participate in UK’s Registered Traveler Program–The document also announces that certain US Citizenship holders can apply for membership in Registered Traveller (the registered traveler program of the UK). It’s a Global Entry counterpart in the UK. Registered Traveler needs a background check. However, it limits the expedited admission to US citizen 18 and above.

It may be worth mentioned that trusted traveler programs(like the mentioned above) enable an improved use of security and border resources in participating countries.

CBP also includes Columbia for Global Entry membership—That is quite right. Columbia has also been included by the CBP for Global Entry membership. So, Columbian nationals can now apply for Global Entry membership.

The Global Entry scheme streamlines the process of international arrivals at airports for some trusted travellers. It enables members to skip the CBP inspection lines. They can use a Global Entry kiosk instead.







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