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New Zealand ‘Pathway Student Visas’ launched

New Zealand, 2nd August: New Zealand “Pathway Student Visas’ have been launched.

Yes, this is a latest update. New Zealand “Pathway Student Visas” launched recently.

New Zealand Pathway Student Visas launchedNew Zealand “Pathway Student Visas” launched—New Zealand “Pathway student visas” have been launched. This has been announced by New Zealand government. New Zealand’s Pathway student visas have been designed to make the nation a more competitive for international students.

<blockquote> New Zealand “Pathway Student visas” have been launched. </blockquote>

Pathway student visas—New Zealand Pathway Student visas enable foreign students to take a route of up to three consecutive study programs with chosen education providers. Yes, that’s true.

A pathway could be offered by any single education provider or along with partnership with any selected education provider. It has validity duration of five years.

Trial begins in December—New Zealand Pathway student visas shall be implemented from 7th December this year. This is going to be for an initial period of 18 months. It will be covering more than 500 primary, secondary and tertiary institutes.

There has been an increase of 16 percent in the number of international students studying in New Zealand in 2014-15. The international student figures went up to touch 84,856.

It is being maintained that New Zealand Pathway Student Visas shall lead to retaining increased number of international students. It will further make New Zealand highly competitive with Australia and other such nations offering pathway programs.

International education industry—International education industry is around $2.85 billion dollars worth in foreign exchange annually. New Zealand Pathway Student visas happen to be a significant initiative. Such New Zealand visas will of great significance in doubling the value of international education to New Zealand by the year 2025.

Assurance for international students—International students will be benefitted by New Zealand Pathway student visas. That’s because they shall have a visa for the entire planned pathway of study in New Zealand. This initiative shall also be beneficial for Immigration New Zealand. Foreign students shall not be required to apply for as many visas.

This New Zealand visa will make New Zealand more attractive since it will be providing work rights for students for the entire duration of the visa. The only condition is that the first program of study is qualified for work rights under current immigration norms.




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