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May to Target UK Student Visas

United Kingdom, 29th July: UK PM Theresa May is going to target UK student visas now.

Yes, that’s true. She is going to take a tougher approach on UK student visas.

May to target UK Student VisasMay to target UK Student visas—UK PM Theresa May is all set to target UK Student visas now. That’s exactly what she intends to do now. There is going to be a tougher approach to UK student visa immigration. How she will do so is going to become clear soon.

She believes that UK universities have already become a back door entry for economic immigrants. Their sole purpose is to get jobs in the UK. So, earlier, she had announced reforms to compel foreign students to move back to their nations after graduation.

Else, they were required to apply for a new UK visa for changing their study course or getting a UK work permit. But, the proposed move was not accepted by the UK government due to increased protests.

<blockquote> UK PM Theresa May is going to target UK student visas now. </blockquote>

Now that she has become the UK PM, she will be pushing through her proposals by tightening UK student visa norms.

Restrict UK student visas—So, the UK PM plans to restrict UK student visas to attract only the best and the brightest. Yes, she has already taken action for closing down fake colleges in the UK. Moreover, she has also taken stern action to limit UK student visas for those coming to study any further education course.

It may be worth notable that nearly one in five international students overstay their UK student visa and stay in the UK even after study completion.

Meanwhile, more restrictions are coming soon on foreign students for reducing net UK immigration levels. So, the UK education officials and the UK Home Office may get an order to find out how to tighten UK student visa program.

  • This could be done by curbing foreigners coming to the UK for taking up “Mickey Mouse” courses at some low-ranking institutes.
  • Foreign students shall be asked to move back to their homes after study completion.
  • Stop universities to market their study courses for international students to get employed in the UK.

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