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Want a US visa, Provide your social media details

United States, 26th July: Want a US visa, provide your Social media details.

Yes, that’s true.

If you want a US visa, provide your social media details.

Want a US visa, provide your social media details Want a US visa, Provide your social media details—want a US Visa, Provide your social media details. Yes, that’s right. US border authority needs travellers’ social media details. So, if you want a US visa, then you will have to provide the list of your social media profiles. That’s the proposal by the DHS(Department of Homeland Security).

<blockquote> Want a US visa? Then give your social media accounts details. </blockquote>

An update will require US visa aspirants to identify the social networks they happen to be using. Moreover, they shall be required to provide their social media identifier including their username. Well, the good thing is that providing such information will be optional for them.

Moreover, the changes will be affecting Esta(Electronic System for Travel Authorization) visa and Form I-94W applications. The US government is taking comments until 22nd August.

Details—the proposal has been added to the Federal Register by the CBP(Customs and Border Protection). Any data travellers opting to share shall be used for vetting purposes only and for applicant contact information.

Step could make it difficult to come to the US—it’s being viewed that the proposal will make it harder for the foreigners to come to the US. Moreover, there are no guarantees of the proposal going to move ahead.

The move is likely to attract criticism from groups and individuals due to privacy issues. That’s because such a move could become among the largest government controlled databases soon.

The DHS(Department of Homeland Security) shall require to balance security issues against the requirement to encourage people coming to the US. This was stated by a spokesperson for the Association of British Travel Agents.

The US recently had updated its policy on visa waiver programs. This was regarding visitors having a second citizenship in Iraq, Iran, Sudan and Syria or those having visited these nations in last five years.

Such individuals require to apply for a US visa now.

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