1,000 New Zealand job openings

New Zealand, 6th July—There are 1,000 New Zealand job openings in this New Zealand town.

Yes, that’s true.

1,000 New Zealand job openings 1,000 New Zealand job openings—There are 1,000 New Zealand job openings in Kaitangata. Yes, that’s true. This New Zealand town on the south island has 1,000 New Zealand job openings. It has a population of just 800. And it has so many job openings.

<blockquote> There are nearly 1,000 New Zealand job openings in Kaitangata. </blockquote>

1,000 job openings in freezing and dairy processing–So, there are 1,000 job openings in freezing and dairy processing industries. There are jobs and houses. But there are no people to fill the job openings. This was stated by a dairy farmer named Evan Dick.

He said he intends to make Kaitangata a great town once again. This will be possible by getting in outsiders.  It has affordable housing and there are 800 residents ready to provide a New Zealand dream to outsiders.

Local businesses have been unable to fill jobs in leading industries. So, they have been compelled to get workers from outside. A third generation dairy farmer says he is ready to offer house and land packages for New Zealand.

Town denies reports of incentive packages to fill jobs—Meanwhile, the town of Kaitangata has denied reports of offering incentive packages for filling up jobs. Yes, that’s true. A statement on the website of the town denied such reports. It said that there is a story by overseas media that nearly $160,000 is being offered to move to Kaitangata. But there is no truth in this.

There have been several calls from the world over pertaining to a fat check. People are not getting paid to move to this town.

Comply with New Zealand immigration laws—However, the mayor said the applicants should comply with New Zealand’s applicable immigration policies. They must check in with economic agency for the job openings.

If they fulfill the immigration requirements, they can visit the city’s official website to check job openings. These New Zealand job openings are for anyone eligible to work here.

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