Around 6 million new US Job Openings

Around 6 million new US Job Openings

United States, 13th May: There were nearly 6 million new US job openings in March this year.

Yes, that’s quite true. This has been revealed by the US Labor Department figures.

That’s something great.

6 million new US Job Openings Nearly 6 million new US job openings—Here is some great news. The US had nearly 6 million new job openings in the month of March this year. So, it’s official. The US businesses are now hiring.

The job openings are just almost everywhere. It is also an indicator that the US business owners are unable to get skilled workers having qualification and skills for the job openings. <blockquote> There were nearly 6 million new US job openings in the month of March this year. </blockquote>

Employers not getting qualified workers–As per a chief market analyst at the Lindsey Group, Peter Boockvar, employers in the US are facing tougher times in getting qualified workers. This is happening as the job openings seem to increase for the five months in a row since November.

It may be worth notable that there were about 5.3 million job openings per month in 2015.

Job skills gap—A major reason why employers are unable to find skilled workers for millions of job openings in the US is the job skills gap. Yes, that’s true. No wonder, there are increased number of part-time workers and underemployed workers in the US.

US job openings went up to 149,000 to a seasonally adjusted 5.8 million. This has been the highest since July. But, hiring went down 218,000 to 5.3 million in the month of March this year. This suggests that employers could not find qualified workers. Hiring rate went down to 3.7 percent from 3.8 percent in the month of February this year.

High underemployment level means the workers in the US don’t have skills to match their jobs. Their wages have not seen any increase during the economic recovery process. Meanwhile, the US officials are working to address the issue of job skills gap.

Last year, nearly $175 million were pledged by the US President Barack Obama for apprenticeship program.

Shortage of skilled workers in the US—A report by the National Federation of Independent Business has revealed that the US has shortage of skilled workers. Small businesses have maintained that the quality of workforce is their greatest concern.

Nearly 29 percent of small businesses say they were not able to fill the open US job positions. And it seems clear that bridging the skills gap is a difficult task.


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