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Food Workers Top Choice for Express Entry

Canada, 29th April: Food workers top choice for Express Entry this year.

That’s true.Food workers top choice for Canada Express Entry in 2016.

Nearly 31,000 of 191,279 applicants in 2015 were invited to become Canada permanent residents. 16 percent of these were from food services and cooking industries.

Food Workers Top Choice for Express Entry  Food workers top choice for Express Entry—Food workers top choice for Express Entry. Yes, that’s true.

As per a review into the Express Entry process, 2,356 applicants who were food service supervisors were invited for Canada immigration in 2015. Nearly 2,295 were cooks. So, these two occupations comprised 16 percent of total who got Canada permanent residency status.

<blockquote> Do you know that food workers are top choice for Express Entry system this year. </blockquote>

Which are other occupations in the top ten list of those invited for Canada immigration –

  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers
  • Financial accountants and auditors
  • Financial investment analysts
  • Graphic illustrators and designers
  • Information system analysts
  • Retail sales supervisors
  • Software engineers
  • University professors and lecturers

Express Entry—Canada Express Entry system was introduced in 2015. In this, applicants must complete a profile. It is then added to a pool of applicants. Every applicant gets ranked against others by through a scoring system. Points get awarded for personal attributes like education, work experience and language skills.

An extra 600 points are awarded in the scoring system when applicant’s skills are found to be in short supply through LMIA(Labor Market Impact Assessment).

In January this year, 60,042 profiles were found to be in the pool. Nearly 36.4 percent scored between 350 and 399. Nearly 22.5 percent scored between 400 and 449. This is in contrast to 191,279 profiles entering the pool last year. Nearly 88,048 not meeting required conditions for any of four Canada economic immigration classes were removed.

Top occupations to get Canada Express Entry—Top occupations for getting Canada Express Entry as per IRCC(Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) 2015 are food service supervisor roles and cooks. These comprise 8 percent of 31,000 invites granted under Canada Express Entry.

Top ten list of occupations for Canada Express Entry(as of 3rd January, 2016)

8 percent–2,356 food service supervisors

8 percent – 2,295 cooks

4 percent–1,255 information systems analysts

3 percent—940 software engineers

3 percent 745 university lecturers and professors

3 percent—935 computer programmers, interactive media developers

2 percent–550 graphic designers, illustrators

2 percent—669 retail sales supervisors

2 percent—494 financial auditors and accountants

2 percent—446 financial investment analysts


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