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Redesigned Canada Permanent Resident Cards

Canada, 8th December: Canada government has announced new designed Canada permanent residency cards to be launched.

As per the details, Canada permanent residency cards will be having a new appearance along with better security features to help keep pace with the changing technology.

Newly Designed Canada permanent residency CardsNewly designed Canada permanent residency cards—Canada permanent residency cards have been redesigned by Canada government. This has been revealed by Canada government in a latest announcement.

<blockquote> Canada permanent residency cards have been redesigned with addition of new visual changes to help ensure better security features to keep pace with changing technology. </blockquote>

Canada permanent residency card—Canada permanent residency card is a small wallet size plastic card having pertinent information including eye color, height and gender of the person along with other details. It also has a laser engraved photo and signature of the holder.

Other personal information is encoded on Canada permanent residency card and can be accessed by authorized Canada immigration officers.

New features of Canada permanent residency cards

  • New Canada permanent residency cards shall have new specifications of the photograph of the cardholder;
  • They will have the removal of the immigration category from the card;
  • New security features will be there along with a new foil graphic embedded in the card as well as a RFID(Radio Frequency Identification)chip having an identification number unique to each card.
  • There will be an increase to the number of characters permitted for any holder’s name(from 20 characters for the last name and 15 characters for the given name to 28 characters each for the given and last names);

CIC’s details—Well, some details have been revealed by Canada immigration department(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) with regard to newly redesigned Canada permanent residency cards. It says that the RFID chip does not have personal information. It only has a unique identifier.

Canada permanent residents wanting to come to Canada again on commercial carriers including bus, boat, plane or train shall have to show their Canada Permanent Resident Card for confirmation of their Canada permanent resident status before boarding.

Any Canada permanent resident not having his or her Canada permanent resident card shall have to make an application for a Temporary Travel Document from any nearest Canada immigration visa office for travelling to Canada on any commercial carrier.

The installation process of RFID chip readers at land border crossings shall be starting in the year 2016.


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