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120,000 Foreign Professionals Coming to the US Through New US Immigration Door

United States, 19th November: US President Barack Obama is opening US immigration door for nearly 120,000 foreign professionals.

This US immigration door will enable foreign graduates to come to the US and get white collar jobs here.

New US Immigration Door Opening for Foreign Professionals Another US Immigration door to welcome 120,000 foreign professionals—US President is going to enable entry of nearly 120,000 foreign professionals having graduate degrees to come to the US and work here soon. This will be possible through the opening of a new US immigration door by Obama.

<blockquote> A new US immigration door will allow nearly 120,000 foreign professionals to come the US and work here soon. </blockquote>

Which is the new US immigration door?—Well, it’s the OPT program. The Optional Practical Training program will allow increased number of foreign professionals to come to the US and work in a variety of white-collar business, technology, video, art, medical, journalism and other jobs.

Such foreign graduates of US colleges will be able to work in the US for a period of up to 29 months.

Types of jobs broadened by Obama deputies—The deputies of US President Obama have already broadened the categories of jobs which can be taken up by foreign professionals. Moreover, the US Visa term is also being expanded to three years or up to six years in case the foreign professional obtains two degrees from US colleges.

Who can join the US OPT program?—All foreign grads are eligible to join the US OPT program for a period of one year. Graduates who pursue studies in math, science, engineering or science are allowed to work in the US for 29 months period in a wide variety of jobs in the US.

No annual cap on US OPT program—That’s really wonderful. All foreign graduates wanting to work in the US will be glad to know that there is no annual cap on the number of applicants for OPT program.

No wonder, the number of potential entrants for US OPT program could be as high as 66,000. And by the year 20180-19, the number of foreign professionals for OPT program could go up to 200,000.

US Citizenship—another advantage—US citizenship is yet another advantage for a foreign professional working on the OPT.

OPT program supported by business groups, universities—Majority of US universities favor the OPT program. That’s because it helps them offer fee-paying customers with a US work permit of not less than 12 months.

Business groups also favor the OPT program since it is instrumental in transfer of wealth and political influence to business and progressives interests from the professional class of the US.

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