Steps to Get a British Passport

United Kingdom, 20th October: Do you know how to get qualified for a British passport?

Let us find it out here about the steps for getting qualified for a British passport now.

Getting a British PassportBritish passport—British nationality does not just mean being born in the UK. There are other ways to of getting qualified for a UK citizenship. Anyone wanting to get a UK passport must have a UK nationality.

<blockquote> Let us see the steps needed for getting a British passport. </blockquote>

Who can claim a British passport? If you satisfy the following conditions, then you are eligible for a British passport—

  • If you were born in the UK before 1st January, 1983.
  • Born to a parent who was born in the UK before 1st January, 1983.
  • If you are naturalized as a UK resident in the UK.
  • If you were born to a parent who was British other than by descent at the time of your birth.

Making an application for adult passport of the UK—Any person wanting to apply for UK passport need to face an interview before the issuance of the passport. Maximum time of renewal process of the passport is six weeks from the date of submission of the application.

Children’s passport—A child is allowed to include his or her to his parents’ passport before. But, you must possess your own passport if you happen to be under or above 16 years. Expiry period of the passport of the children is after five years. However, it needs to be worth notable that if you cross 16, then you can continue with your passport till its expiry.

Applying for a British passport—You can also apply for a British passport. The application form for a British passport must be countersigned by a British or any Irish passport holder who is 18 or above and must know the concerned applicant for a period of more than two years. He or she may not have any blood relation with the applicant or the same address. He must sign on the applicant’s passport size photo’s backside.

British passport interview—An interview letter for a British passport will be received by the applicant asking him or her to contact the IPS for arranging an interview. It aims to curb misuse and ensure applicants personal information is intact. Interview is held in any one of 68 offices around the UK.

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