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Quebec Investor Program is up Now – Canadian Immigration

The Canadian province of Quebec recently announced the Quebec investor program open for applications. Under this program a total 1750 people could apply for immigration to Canada, for the period in between august 1 2015 till January 29 2016.

The situation this year under the Quebec investor program (QIP) is quite favorable but because of the already mentioned limited number of intakes for this year it is advised to the interested persons for Canadian visa to apply under it as soon as possible, otherwise it is quite a possibility for these seats to get exhausted much before the end of the year.

Quebec investor program

As the QSWP aims the immigration of individuals interested in doing jobs at Canada, ranging from jobs at Canada health center to jobs at Canadian embassy, in the same manner QIP aims at the immigration of wealthy class of foreigners to Canada. For the later residence at Canada would also be provided.

The price for immigration:

Since this program is meant to lure investor for settlement in Canada, there has to be a proper definition for investment under the Quebec investor program.

The applicant along with their spouse should have a minimum net worth of 1.6 million Canadian dollars and must enter in an agreement with province of Quebec to invest CAD 800, 000 with a financial intermediary participating in the QIP authorized by Quebec. However,Quebec government guarantees this investment with a promised return after completing five years.

The good news is that after the grant of Canadian residency, the immediate family members could also be granted permanent residence in Canada.

The applicants count:

As already mentioned a total of 1750 application for immigration to Canada under the Quebec investor program could be accepted , now when see the last years figures it appears to us that no changes has been made but the catch is with the intake period which has been increased . The time period has been more than doubled i.e. increased from 1 month to 5 months thereby giving ample amount of time to study the terms and conditions of the QIP, and in case he fails he may also contact an immigration lawyer.

The intake cap also restricts number of applicant on per country basis to 1200.

Just like the leverage to French language in the skilled workers program, here in Quebec investor program candidates who have an “advanced intermediate” level certification in French do not come under the purview of the above mentioned cap, plus their applications would be given priority in all processes under this program.

All those who wish to apply must do as soon as possible.

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