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US Work Visas for Foreign Startup Entrepreneurs-Options

United States, 29th August: Are you a budding foreign startup entrepreneur wanting to get US work visa?

If yes, then let us discuss different options and immigration rules here.

Foreign Startup Entrepreneurs Avail US Work Visas Plan well—Before incorporating any business in the US, one needs to discuss some points including how long has the business been operating overseas, what has been the time period of the business operation in the US, who is the owner of the US company, who is the owner of the overseas company, is the company or the firm supported by any startup accelerator, are there any investors in the company and if yes, then what is the nationality of the investors, financial status of the firm/company, market or industry of the company, and whether the entrepreneur is any high profile in this field or not.

<blockquote> US Work visa options are being discussed for budding foreign startup entrepreneurs here. </blockquote>

US E1 and US E2 Visas—US E visa is meant for any entrepreneur having made investments or is in the process of making investment of any substantial amount into a real and operating US business or anyone conducting substantial trade between the US and their nation of citizenship.

Having organized record regarding transferred funds to the US enterprise, business expenditure, customs documents, commercial transactions and proof of custom bond, vendor contracts, bills of lading and payroll.

Moreover, having a five year business plan is vital for US E Visa to show economic stimulus.

US L1 Visas—US L1 visas are meant for an executive, an individual having specialized knowledge or a manager for working at any US company with the condition being that they have already worked at any parent or affiliate firm overseas for a minimum of one year continuously.

In case, the business period of the startup is less than 12 months, then in such a condition, there is a need of submission of a business plan and providing proof by the company and the physical office for showing scope, nature and organizational structure of the firm/company.

Moreover, there is a need for showing funding for the first year of operation. The firm or the company needs to show the business can sustain for an additional period of two years and the work of the entrepreneur is meant towards overseeing the employees and the growth of the business.

The US Startup is expected to add employees within the period of first year.

US H1B visas—US H-1B visas are for professional workers in specialty occupation. The company needs to make an offer of job requiring a bachelor’s or equivalent degree in any specific field.

US O Visas—US O visas are for foreigners having some extraordinary ability. This requires proof of any awards, reports, media or letters for showing the individual is having extraordinary talent in any field of endeavor.

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