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Working while studying in Canada

There is a good as well as bad news for foreign students in Canada, the rules laid by the federal immigration system of Canada is well known to all, but very few know about the new rules brought in action by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC); for foreign national who have enrolled in full time courses under the any Canadian university and are also interested in employment in Canada.

The off campus work permit program run by the Canadian immigration body CIC wasterminated as on june1, 2014. These students are now allowed to work without a work permit. This scheme has been introduced as on February 1, 2015, it gives a student “open work permit” with a fees $100 plus processing fees of $155. The transaction could be done online and this is valid for a period of 3 years. This may be regarded as a vital step towards the immigration to Canada, as having a job offer automatically increases your chance to win a Canadian visa.

Work and Study in Canada

Terms and conditions

If you are an international student undergoing some full time course under York University and is also searching part/full time job inCanada, then your study permit should contain any one of these points:

  • You mayaccept employment on the campus of the institution at which you are enrolled in studies
  • You may work for 20 hours off-campus or full-time during regular breaks as allowed by your course
  • You may accept employment on or off campus you are eligible as per R186(f), (v) or (w).

In case your study permit defies above three clauses, you may get your study permit amended by the CIC, after producing before them, your proof of enrollment. This not only enables you for a job ranging from Canada health center to jobs at Canadian embassy but also makes you eligible for acquiring a social insurance number (SIN), to get the benefits provided by the Canadian government.

Who are not eligible?

Now, there are a few exceptions to it, foreign students who receive funding from DFAIT, CIDA are not eligible for this facility. Also, students participating in Equal Opportunity Scholarship Program, Canada-Chile, Canada-China Scholars Exchanges Program, American States Fellowships Program are devoid of this benefit, andat last students who have registered for  English or French as their second language or a visiting student cannot apply for the “open work permit” In greed for Canadian permanent residence, a lot of students take interest in a Canadian job while studying but as soon as they get it , they are no longer eligible for it and it’s fund(ISEF). A student who has changed his courseto part time from full time is also deemed ineligible.

Benefits of studying at York University

Studying at york university is also beneficial as , it gives career counseling for international students, and also provides them opportunities of paid internship. There is also a lot of future scope for any student who wants to study further. For family stay, the family members must have their own work permits.

Apart from this, for any further queries you can contact an immigration lawyer.

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