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Simplified Australia Student Visa Changes Attractive for Foreign Students, Colleges

Australia, 15th July: Australia has simplified student visa norms in a latest move to attract more foreign students.

Similarly, private colleges in Australia will also find changes to Australia student visa norms beneficial.

Simplified Australia student visa normAustralia Study Visa Changes s—In a bid to increase foreign student enrollments in Australia, the nation has recently introduced simplified Australia student visa norms. No wonder, foreign students will find the changes more attractive. It will lead to increased number of foreigners applying for Australia student visas for studying here.

<blockquote> Australia has simplified its student visa norms and these will be advantageous for foreign students as well as private colleges in Australia. </blockquote>

Australia Assistant Immigration and Border Protection minister Michaelia Cash and Education minister Christopher Pyne introduced simplified single immigration risk framework for all foreign students.

SSVF Introduced—SSVF(Simplified Single Immigration Risk Framework) will be a framework for all foreign students wanting to come to Australia for studying here. Giving details about the issue, Cash said that the SSVF will be supporting growth of international education sector by increasing the integrity and competitiveness.

In addition, it will also extend streamlined processing for all education sectors as well as course types, Cash affirmed.

It needs to be worth notable that the recent streamlined Australia visa processing system has been welcomed by international educators. The new Australia student visa model will be introduced in mid 2016 after the present SVP arrangements expire. Under the current SVP system, only a few private colleges and universities were included.

Australia open for business–So, under the new process, assessment of foreign students shall be based on the immigration profile of the citizenship nation and the risk profile of the education provider, Pyne maintained.

It will also give the message to the world that Australia welcomes genuine and top quality foreign students needed by Australia economy and Australia communities.

Australia welcomes genuine foreign students who aim to study in Australia, Mr. Pyne said. Australia remains committed to improvise and protect the integrity of its immigration process, he further added.

The new Australia student visa process will mean lesser foreign students needing proof for admission. Meanwhile, the individual risk ratings for foreign students and nations shall be kept confidential.

No penalities for universities under SSVF—Meanwhile, as per the CEO of Universities Australia, Ann Marie Lansdown, said that it really is eager to work with the government for development of the SSVF’s specifics.

It will be quite imperative that there is no penalty for universities for working in new markets where immigration risks are not well known.

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