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Chinese, Indians and Brits among top Australia 457 Visa Applicants

Australia, 9th July: Indians and Brits are now getting joined by Chinese for becoming top Australia 457 visa applicants.

Yes, Chinese are the latest to join the bandwagon of top applicants for 457 Australia visas.

Chinese Join Indians and Brits for Australia 457 visasChinese, Indians and Brits top Australia 457 visa applicants—So, now Indians are Brits are not the only top applicants for Australia 457 visas. They have been recently joined by Chinese workers.

Yes, that’s true. Chinese people are thronging to come and work in Australia through Australia 457 visas. This has been revealed by the latest figures of Australia immigration department—Department of Immigration.

So, China, India and Britain are now the top three applicants for Australia 457 visas.

<blockquote> Australia 457 visas are now the hot favorite among Chinese, Indians and Britons for working in Australia, latest Australia immigration figures reveal. </blockquote>

Australia 457 visas popularity soaring—This makes it quite evident that the popularity of Australia 457 visas is increasing among foreigners wanting to come and work here. The latest official figures show that Australia has currently 1.5 million foreigners working here. These include foreigners from different nations.

Also, among the foreigners working in Australia include foreign students, backpackers on Australia working holiday visas and temporary 457 work visa holders.

In the time period of just nine months till March 2015, around 40,870 Australia 457 visa applications were received by Australia immigration department. And this is up from the previous year’s figures of around 35,440, the official data affirms.

Engineers, technicians, nurses throng for Australia 457 visas—An important point worth notable with regard to Australia 457 visas is that these Australia visas are quite popular among nurses, technicians, hospitality staff, engineers and mining workers who want to come and work in Australia for a temporary period of time.

So, many foreign professionals in IT sector, scientific sectors and hospitality sectors are applying for Australia 457 visas each year. And their numbers are increasing each year. The figures show that IT, scientific and hospitality sector professionals have witnessed an increased trend for Australia 457 visa applications.

Latest figures show an increase of nearly 37 percent in the number of applicants from these sectors.

It may be notable that nearly fifty percent of applicants for Australia 457 visas are from China, India and Britain. These include backpackers as well as foreign students having Australia 457 visas and working in Australia.

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