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UK’s June Recruitment Ban on Non-EU Skilled Migrants

United Kingdom, 18th June: The UK government announced that the June limit for non-EU skilled immigrants has been reached.

This is the first time ever that the limit for non-EU skilled immigrants has been reached since the introduction of the cap way back in the year 2011.

Recruitment Ban in June for Non EU Skilled Immigrants Recruitment cap for non-EU skilled workers reached for June—Yes, it has been announced by the UK government. Non-EU skilled workers recruitment cap has been hit for June. So, skilled workers from Non-EU nations will not be allowed to get jobs in the UK this month.

<blockquote> The UK has announced a recruitment ban on skilled immigrants from non-EU nations for the month of June this year. </blockquote>

UK Tier 2 annual limit–It needs to be worth mentioned that the annual limit for UK Tier 2 visas is 20,700. And it is split by the UK government into quotas for each month. So, for non-EU skilled immigrants getting a salary between £20,800 and £155,000, the annual limit is 20,700.

And in the initial 10 days of this month, the total number of approved UK Tier 2 visas was 1,650. Hence, the UK government announced a ban for the month of June this for any further recruitment of non-EU skilled immigrants for this month.

UK employers complaining—The UK employers are feeling that by imposing a June ban on the recruitment of non-EU skilled migrants, the UK is failing to fulfill its promise of keeping the UK open for the best and the brightest.

Employers allege that the step of the June ban on recruitment of non-EU skilled immigrants is being stated by the UK government for controlling UK immigration levels. But, it also needs to be kept in mind that the UK industry is experiencing acute shortage of skills in different UK sectors. Hence, the June ban is being criticized by the employers in the UK widely.

Current UK Tier 2 visa norms require applicants to have a job with a minimum salary of £20,800. In addition, they need to have a minimum savings of £945 and pay a surcharge for healthcare coverage.

Meanwhile, the UK immigration minister James Brokenshire has assured that the government will not be changing the annual limit for the UK Tier 2 visas in the near future.

The UK government has sought the recommendations of the MAC(Migration Advisory Committee) by the year end for limiting the number of UK work visas for a limited number of job shortages in the UK.

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