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Pre-Arranged Job Offer A hindrance for Canada Express Entry Applicants

Canada, 13th May: Canada Express Entry is not attracting many skilled foreign workers.

That’s because of its requirement of a pre-arranged job offer for foreign skilled workers.

Canada Express Entry ProgramCanada Express Entry—Few foreign skilled workers applying—Canada Express Entry program is not being able to attract many foreign workers to come and work in Canada. Reason? The requirement of having a pre-arranged offer of job in Canada under Canada Express Entry is proving to be a major hindrance in the way of attracting skilled foreigners to Canada.

<blockquote> Canada Express Entry requires foreign skilled workers to have a pre-arranged offer of job in Canada. And this is proving to be dampener for drawing skilled foreigners to Canada. </blockquote>

Requirement of Canada job offer dampening for skilled foreigner workers—Skilled foreign workers wishing to come to Canada under Canada Express Entry are feeling restricted by the requirement of pre-arranged job offer in Canada.

Yes, it is being witnessed that those having a permanent Canada job offer and a positive LMIA(Labor Market Impact Assessment) get priority in receiving an offer for Canada permanent residency application.

That’s because Canada employers need either LMIA or an assessment for hiring any foreign worker over a Canadian worker.

Those not having a Canada pre-arranged job offer are lagged behind in Canada Express Entry program.

Canada Express Entry—Canada has launched Express Entry program on 1st January, 2015 for attracting the best and the brightest foreigners to come and work in Canada when no suitable Canadians are available for existing Canada jobs.

How Canada Express Entry Works

  • Up to 1,200 points are offered to skilled immigrants on different factors.
  • Up to 600 points are offered to applicants having a job offer or a provincial nomination.
  • Up to 500 points are meant for factors like age, language proficiency, Canada work experience, education.
  • Those have highest points are ranked on top.
  • Up to 100 points are meant for transferable skills including foreign work experience, certificate in trades and education.
  • Every two weeks, a draw is held for knowing who gets invitation to apply for Canada permanent residency.
  • Any prospective immigrant can accept or decline an invitation with 60 days after receiving it.
  • Applicants can know how they are ranked in the pool(pool is based on a points based process).
  • An applicant needs to make a fresh application in case he or she does not get an invitation after a period of 12 months.

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