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US Citizenship Application—Mistakes to Avoid

United States, 20th April: Are you an aspirant for US Citizenship?

If yes, then you need to be wary of some common mistakes made by many applicants for US citizenship. Here are some US citizenship mistakes to avoid—

US Citizenship--Avoid MistakesUS Citizenship Mistakes—Keeping in view the growing denial rates of US citizenship applications, let us see which are the common mistakes for US citizenship applications made by many—

<blockquote> US citizenship applicants make some very common mistakes leading to rejection of their application for US Citizenship. </blockquote.

  • Secret marriage—a big no-no—Want to become a US citizen? Then don’t commit the blunder of lying to the US immigration officials with regard to your marriage status. Remember, when the officials get to know about the truth pertaining to your marriage status, they will deny you the US citizenship if you have not given accurate or true information. You can face deportation if the US immigration officials find that the applicant lied to them to get US Green Card.
  • Don’t lie to US immigration officials—Want to get your US Citizenship application approved? Then don’t ever lie to the US immigration officials. Yes, a lie is a lie, even if it is small or big. And the US immigration officials wont spare you if you have lied in giving information details. Lying can lead to getting deported by the US immigration officials, warns a US immigration lawyer. So, please be wary of lying to the immigration officials. This could pertain to anything from not revealing real names or giving a guess about their parents’ birthday or the exact departure date or previous arrival date overseas.
  • Ignorant of US immigration technical details?—If you are ignorant of the technical details of US immigration laws, then it is better to seek the workshops for US citizenship conducted free in different US cities. These free US citizenship workshops aim to provide knowledge to foreigners about US immigration rules. Also, if you face any barriers like limited knowledge of English language skills, then such workshops are a good bet. The good thing about such workshops is that you will get to know any flaws in the way of your becoming US citizen and improve on them at the earliest.
  • US Naturalization requirements—The applicant needs to be a legal US permanent resident, be not less than 18 years and should have stayed in the US for five years(three years in case of being married to a US citizen).

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