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Job Opportunities Opening up in British Columbia in the Coming Decade

dream-job-984x500British Columbia (BC) will soon have lots of job vacancies opening up in various professions in the coming decade as more and more of the working population nears retirement.

Given below is the list of 10 jobs that are in high demand:

1) Nursing – Around 25,000 nurses will be needed in BC by the year 2022.

This is the job with the highest demand. The hospitals in BC are in a “crisis mode” with more than half of its nurses between the age of 45 and 64. There is a severe shortage of staff and lack of proper patient care in hospitals. With its present population aging, it is predicted that by 2036 one in every four Canadians would be above 65 years. This will create more opportunities in health and medical care fields.  A Registered Nurse is paid an average of CAD$31.83 per hour.

2) Truck Drivers – This is going to be the second most in-demand job. There is a requirement for 16,000 truck drivers by the year 2022. Latest census reveals that 96% of the truck drivers are males. A typical day starts at 6am and lasts for 10 or 12 hours. Under the Motor Vehicle Act of BC, a driver cannot drive more than 13 hours without taking an off-duty time. A truck driver gets an average $25 per hour.

3) Cooking – There is a need for 13,600 chefs and cooks in BC. Cooks can get up to $20 per hour.

4) Auditors and Accountants – An estimated 13,450 jobs would open up for those in finance service industry.

5) Carpentry – With a possible of 13,000 job openings, carpentry is one of the top 5 jobs in demand. Wood is still a major construction material in most of Canada. A Carpenter can easily make around $25 per hour.

6) Child Education – There is great demand for child care and education. A child educator can make $15 per hour on an average.

7) Construction Workers – with the boom in oil fields demand has grown for related constructions.

8) Electricians – There is a demand for 7,230 electricians.

9) Equipment Operators – Heavy equipment operators are also in demand and about 7000 jobs are expected to open by 2022.

10) Welders – Around 4000 welding jobs would open up related to boom in the LNG industry.

These trades and professions are much in demand, and if you have the necessary skill, qualification and experience, then there are enough opportunities to settle down in a great country (BC has one of the most temperate climates in Canada). And since these jobs are high in demand, you will have better job security and decent remunerations.

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