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As per the information, applications are being invited for the ‘best jobs in the world’ from today.

Applications for ‘best jobs in the world’ open today—Are you interested to get the best jobs in the World and are ready to relocate overseas? If the answer to this question is yes, then you seem to be a suitable applicant for such jobs.

World’s best jobs need to be filled at the earliest. And these best jobs happen to be in Australia. Yes, that’s true.

Who is eligible for the six “best jobs of the world 2013”?—As per Tourism Australia, the best world jobs for the year 2013 are open for applicants from today. And the global search has begun for finding young and bright candidates for filling the best jobs in the world. If you fulfill following conditions, you are a suitable candidate for such best jobs of the world 2013—

• Between 18 years and 30 years;

• Enthusiastic, courageous, adventurous and full of energy;

• Looking for something different;

• Ready to relocate to Australia

; • Hail from the UK or Ireland(Australian citizens are also eligible for this competition);

• Allowed to work in Australia legally. Which are six best jobs in the world 2013—Following are the six ‘best jobs in the world’ 2013 and all of these are located around Australia—

• Chief Funster in New South Wales;

• Lifestyle Photographer in Melbourne;

• Park Ranger in Queensland;

• Taste Master in Western Australia;

• Outback Adventurer in the Northern Territory; and

• Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia.

Winners of this competition will get $50,000(amounting to around $2000 every week) for a period of six-months (contract). Further, they will be given $50,000 for expenses.

Aimed to attract young foreigners to Australia--All the six jobs 2013 are aimed to attract young people from the world to come and explore Australia through Australia working holiday visas.

The competition-the ‘Best Jobs in the World’-aims to showcase the best aspects of Australia to youngsters having sense of adventure and fun and ready to come to Australia through Australia working holiday visas.

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