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Asian students don’t feel welcomed in UK

United Kingdom, a pronounced place in the world for the kind of Colleges and Universities it has. There was a time when it used to be the most favored destination for the international students. Asian students too were heard of nurturing a dream of enrolling and taking up a course in any of the UK universities.

However, in the recent past the experience of the Asian students has not been an encouraging one for the rest of the population to reach UK.

The difficulties faced by Asian Students

There are galore of difficult situations faced by Asian Students, some of them have been mentioned below:

• They face a problem in Language proficiency which is considered to be an important parameter for making an adjustment in a foreign society.
• They suffer from the academic expectations coming their way from the Universities or Colleges in UK, and sometimes even if they try their level best, it becomes an unsuccessful or unachievable task for them.
• Social integration is another major setback for them which mainly arrive due to language barrier and also to a large extent due to “huge cultural difference” between their own countries and the new place.

Reports of a survey

In a survey conducted by a reliable source, the satisfaction and students experience was gauged. The report suggested that even if the students could achieve academic excellence, they faced “cultural bumps “rather than “cultural shocks”.

The students have been experiencing an “international postgraduate student culture” instead of getting integrated into local culture.

The horrifying stories of some of the universities

Last year, the disaster at London Metropolitan University had left more than 2,500 Asian students at lurch wherein they had no concrete path for their future.

In fact, there deportation plans of any of the students enrolled at this university, if the Authorities would not have been able to come up with a plan for them.

Recent changes in Visa system depress the Asian students

• The recent changes in Visa Rule announced by UK, is only observed as a restriction on the ease with which a student can stay in UK, after he or she has completed the studies. In fact, 2012, post-study work visa was scrapped whereas the students were allowed to stay for two more years after completing their studies, prior to bringing changes in the visa system.

• Also, if anon EU student wants to stay back after studies then he or she is opposed to switch to Tier 2 Immigration status. This means that they have to qualify for getting an employment in UK and also have to look for a job which pays them a minimum amount of £20,000, which could be little difficult to earn for someone who has completed his studies recently.

Looking at all these changes and the happenings in UK, Asian students mainly find it to be an unwelcoming approach by the United Kingdom, in spite of contributing so hugely to the economy of the nation.

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