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Procedure for renewal of Canadian Permanent Residence Card

It is issued to newly arrived permanent residents in Canada.

Renewal of Canada Permanent Resident Card—Not fulfilling residency requirements?--Speaking about the renewal of Canada Permanent Resident card, in case, the concerned individual does not fulfill residency requirements, he or she could face problems in getting his or her Canada permanent resident card renewed.

For example, if you have stayed outside Canada for a period extending three years in the last five years and you also don’t fulfill any of the exceptions like travelling with family or business, then it is quite certain that you are at a risk of loss of your Canada PR status.

In such a scenario, it really depends upon the concerned immigration official as to how he or she considers the situation and the resultant action.

There is simply no guarantee at all.

A sigh of relief—However, a good thing is that you will still be allowed to make an application by making a formal request to seek exemptions on the basis of humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

Reasons for not fulfilling Canada residency obligations—If the applicant is able to convince the immigration official about the reason for not be able to fulfill Canada PR requirements, then he or she may be exempted in accordance with the CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) rules.

So, the jurisdiction is in the hands of the immigration official who will determine if you can be allowed exemption under compassionate and humanitarian grounds by reviewing your supporting documents.

Canada Permanent Resident Card(PR card)—A Canada PR card has a validity period of five years and needs to be used for travelling when returning to Canada from overseas. It allows the person who is a not a Canadian citizen to live and work in Canada with no limit on his duration of the stay.

And once the Canada PR card expires, it must be renewed if you want to continue your travel outside Canada. The advice is not to travel with your expired Canada PR card because you are at a great risk of being turned away by the immigration officials.

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