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Obtaining Work Permit for Professional Immigrants Tougher

Constraints – Constraints on obtaining work permit for foreign professionals is getting tougher. A Queen’s study testifies that trained professionals overseas are finding it tougher to obtain a work permit in Canada. A foreign doctor, nurse, teacher or engineer with English as a Second Language (ESL) ought to complete recertification and licensing as he or she comes to Canada to work in the same profession.

Cost Variations – Liying Cheng, Queen’s education professor states that one of the major constraints ahead of such professionals is the cost incurred over recertification. On top of it, details regarding testing process are also taken as a word of mouth. “Time, cost and type of certification is subjective to profession. We tested all the four professionals and medical doctors need to pay the most, for certification,” she said. Further, they have to fight for limited residency positions as well.

Certification Requirements – The certifications require an English proficiency test. Plus, there added tests and costs, which are subjective to individual professionals determined by qualifications and professional experience, Cheng stated. Liying Cheng has conducted 18 interviews with globally educated professionals and two extra interviews with reps from professional associations that provide the certifications. She discovered that the entire process of recertification in the province of Ontraio was unreachable for majority of immigrants.

No Knowledge – Cheng stated that she had majorly researched in Kingston and Windsor. “The chief point was the perception of immigrants regarding the process”, she said. The immigrants she interviewed were amidst the process of certification while discovered that a lot of immigrants were oblivious of the choices they had. “One of the participants was an engineer in his nation, and he did not know about anything but obtaining a degree to help become a technician,” she said.

Solutions – According to Liying Cheng the solution to this problem lies in educating immigrants about the alternatives in Canada ahead of their immigration. The study further revealed that apart from legal constrains there are personal constraints as well. These include looking after a family or trouble conversing in English. Such constrains hamper professionals to obtain a certification.

If the environment is supportive or they have a partner, things would be quite different during the process, said Liying Cheng

Differences – During her time Cheng didn’t need to undergo the recertification process ahead of obtaining a Canadian work permit. “If I wished to be a school teacher, like in high school or even elementary school, surely I would have to undergo certification process,” she said. “However for professors there is no licensing as such – this is the essential variation among these professions.”

Nonetheless Cheng is upbeat courtesy of the results.

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