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Freeze UK immigration—Labor advisor

United Kingdom, 19th July: The UK must take immediate steps for halting immigration in the UK if it wants to provide jobs to the Britons on a priority, warns chief policy guru of Ed Miliband, Lord Glasman.

UK must give priority to Britons, not immigrants—Glasman said that the first and the foremost priority of the nation must be towards British people. He came out harshly against the improper UK immigration rules introduced by the previous Labor government enabling as many as five million immigrants to stay in the UK forever.

Appointed by the Labor leader to the House of Lords, Lord Glasman, a social thinker, reiterated that the UK is not an outpost of the UN (United Nations).

Review current UK immigration rules--The Labor advisor also asserted on reviewing the current EU rules enabling free flow of migrants within the EU (Eastern Europe). The UK must reinterrogate its relationship with the EU with regard to the movement of migrants, he said. He maintained that the UK must work towards halting immigration to ensure jobs to the British people.

Freezing immigration for some time would also make sure that only those with skills in high demand in the UK are allowed entry, he maintained. The UK must be generous for the migrants possessing skills in great demand here and hence, there is a need for drawing the line, he maintained.

It may be mentioned that the UK Prime Minister David Cameron has reiterated to bring down the net migration levels down to ‘tens of thousands’ and the introduction of an annual UK immigration cap on non-EU migrants is a step in this regard.

Ed Miliband has asked Lord Glasman to analyze how Labor can reestablish its connections with working class Briton voters who have reportedly turned against the party.

The report named ‘Blue Labor’ studied the changed behavior of British voters towards the Labor due to huge influx of immigrants in the UK.

What is the solution—The solution suggested by Mr. Milliband is to formulate firm UK immigration rules along with guarantees to the British people with regard to wages.

Moreover, the nation needs to break the link between those working here and their rights to settle here, he cautioned.

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