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Uncertified immigration consultant found guilty of immigration fraud, caught by RCMP

The immigration advisor had been charging anything between $2,000 and $100,000 from innocent applicants wanting to immigrate to Canada.

The fee was demanded from the applicants to be paid along with the applications for Canada immigration on behalf of the applicants; however, it was actually never paid nor were the applications submitted, revealed investigating team of the Immigration and Passport Section, Windsor RCMP.

Although, initially, there are eleven cases of fraud against 45 year-old uncertified immigration advisor, Francesco Salvatore “Sam” Burgio from Amherstburg, Ontario; but the police believes that there might be more victims of Canada immigration fraud.

Speaking during a press release, Windsor RCMP’s Cpl. Rod Rudiak said that a common problem with victims of such immigration frauds by unlicensed immigration advisors is that they are very reluctant to relate the situation because they fear that it might create problems in their way to get status of legal immigration in Canada.

The fact that license of Burgio was revoked by the CSIC (Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants) in 2006 should have alarmed all those who had took the decision to hire Burgio despite his revocation, warned John Ryan, Chair and Acting CEO of CSIC.

Unlicensed immigration advisors not only cheat innocent people desirous of Canada immigration but are also a big blot on the reputation of the immigration system of Canada, said Jason Kenney, Citizenship and Immigration Canada Minister here on 20th April, 2010.

Earlier just a week ago, a Vancouver-based uncertified immigration consultant Fereydoun Hadad was sent to one year imprisonment after found guilty of cheating an Iranian national of $49,000 for Canada immigration.

Meanwhile, welcoming the latest crackdown by the Canadian government on fraudulent immigration advisors, Ryan said some serious legal loopholes had allowed the victims to go with their corrupt practices for too long.

All prospective immigrants in Canada are advised by the CIC to take the services of only licensed members of the CSIC, a territorial or provincial bar, or Quebec notaries. Meanwhile, free help can be offered by friends, family or any religious organizations.

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